Account Registration

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Download and Install Gods of Aion client

  1. Download Launcher and system files and run GOAClient_SYSTEM_V 1.0e.exe to extract it to the Gods Of Aion folder (default C:\GOA), click here
  2. Download all 5 DATA files and run GOA_DATA_V1.part1.exe to extract all in the Gods Of Aion folder (default C:\GOA), Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5

Connecting to Gods of Aion

  1. Open the Gods of Aion client folder (default is C:\GOA)
  2. Run GOA_Launcher_x64.exe to connect and enjoy playing!

Install requirement files

    (install only if you have issues with the game client)
  1. Install DirectX9c(2008) installer can be found in client folder GOA\z_Requred Files\directx_jun2008_redist.exe
  2. Install 'vcredist_x64_2005' installer can be found in client folder GOA\z_Requred Files\vcredist_x64_2005.exe

Information concerning all test players comming from Warrior's Way Online

  • By default click to move with mouse in game is disabled. To enable it press Esc-> Options-> Game Options-> Controls and camera-> unselect <Disable click to move>.
  • By default player HP and minimap are in bottom screen. To move HUD to upper screen Esc-> Options->  Game Options->  Interface-> UI style-> change <HUD bottom> to <HUD Top>.

If you have any issues, contact us in Discord channel or using our Facebook page.