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Gods of Aion - Grand Opening 08.11.2022!

Hello dear players of GOA! After more than a year, we decide temporarily to stop the server due low population and lack of interest of the player.Thanks for all that join to our community and spend their time with us.All current characters will be saved and database will be not wiped.The GOA server will be hibernated for now. Regards



Welcome to Gods of Aion 4.6. Gods of Aion is classic low rate, long term, private server, fully matching of the official, most stable and balanced game server version of Aion 4.6. GOA server is hosted in own dedicated server located in Europe. Players can enjoy of the original game experience without P2W content. We are not focused only on end game content. GOA is not rush server. Players can enjoy all the way of their journey from start to 65 level. To make gameplay user friendly we created a special survey rewards. They can be collected at 1 /10/14/20/26/31/41/46/51/56/61/65 level. Corresponding of player level, the rewards contain useful items combined with different kind of Coins (Iron/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Mithril and Ceramium) required for buying of special weapons and armor. The coin rewards are ~70%* of the required coins for buying of special weapon and armor. The goal of the server is to create small friendly community of players that can enjoy in maximum from the game. Join us!

Server version: Aion 4.6 Retail

Server rates: x2 EXP/ DROP/ AP

Server location: Europe

For more information about the game , please visit our official Discord page.

Cheers !


NameAbyss PointsRaceClassGender
Star238,724ElyosSpirit MasterFemale
Tuhlarcho96,092AsmodianSpirit MasterMale
Namora90,310AsmodianSpirit MasterFemale
NameGlory PointsRaceClassGender
LegionAbyss Points
Divine Order64,672
Dark Nova10,585
Phoenix Rising2,107
Spectral Shadow0
Wolfie Nation0