Quick Info

Server Information

    Gods of Aion is classic low rate,long term, private server, fully matching of the official, most stable and balanced game server version of Aion 4.6. GOA server is hosted in own dedicated server located in Europe.Players can enjoy of the original game experiance without P2W content. We are not focused only on end game content.GOA is not rush server.Players can enjoy all the way of their journey from start to 65 level.The goal of the server is to create small friendly community of players that can enjoy in maximum from the game. Join us!

Server rates

    x2 EXP/ DROP/ AP - for best experiance, balance and long life of the server.

Server location

    For best connection and minimal latency, server is located in Europe and is hosted on own dedicated servers. That will guarantee stable long-term service.

System Requirements

    x64 OS, Dual Core CPU, 4 GB RAM,DirectX 9 up based videocard, 30 GB HDD free space.